We Voted: Earth Hour 2009

March 28, 2009. Please check my site for the complete set: http://iamparvis.multiply.com

It's Earth Hour.
Our first time to join the Earth Hour and certainly this would be an annual tradition from now on. I am so glad to have made a difference by joining this and to little effort at that. It’s refreshing to know that you can actually help better the environment by doing small deeds.

My sisters.

I initiated a campaign a day before the event (I know. I should’ve done it way ahead). Next year, it will do it earlier. First, April and I gave out flyers to our office building and posted one on our office door. Then My sisters and I sent out flyers to our neighborhood. We went door to door. It was scorching hot! But we knew it was worth it. Then at night, good thing there were so many parked cars in front of the church, so what we just clipped it in their wipers. Then during the day itself, I sent a text campaign to all of my contacts in my phonebook.

office across our office

It was so nice to see our neighborhood all turned off their lights for the event. I am just glad that at least most of us share the same sentiment in making our planet better for our children and our children’s children. Until next year!

house to house


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