American Idol: Top 10

Theme: Motown

This is an interesting theme for the remaining contestants simply because most of them are not exactly cut out for this kind of music. But lo and behold, what a surprising night it turned out to be.

Matt: Agree with the judges. Let me first say that he really does sound like Justin Timberlake! But I gotta give him props for a smart song choice. His voice really suited the song. And he can actually play with his pipes. If he keeps making smart song choices, he can really give frontrunners Adam and Danny a run for their money. And I was right, he was one of them of who would do good for this theme.

Kris: Agree. Vocally, he is not the strongest. However, when he gets hold of that guitar, he just simply shines. I don’t get what Simon said about him being not too confident. I think that he is. He is just the silent type of confident. Someone who can deliver whether expected or not. And during the last part of the song, I didn’t even know he can hit that high. I was surprised.

Scott: Disagree with Simon and Randy. First off, he is impaired. And it’s not at excuse. But it’s not fair to him when you tell him that he is not connecting with the audience when in fact and obviously he is really trying to connect with them. And that is one hell of an effort for him. I mean his only choice is to imagine the crowd and their faces and their reactions. And that imagination is his only way to connect with them. Most of the time you have to see the faces of the people and see their reactions to be able to connect with them. You really can’t expect him to sing on stage doing crazy moves. The best that he can do to be the “showman” that the judges expect him is to do an up-tempo song, with his piano. Although he may have hit some bad notes, I still think he did good.

Megan: Half-disagree. I thought the tone of her voice gave the song a new twist. With that voice, it gave the song a quirky and playful flavor. They said the song was too big for her. I know the song but I don’t really know the song so I really didn’t have anything to compare it to. And as far as I know, she made a good rendition. Not perfectly spot on with hitting the notes but she did just fine.

Anoop: Disagree big time! I snoozed off the whole time. Plain boring. Enough said.

Michael: I deliberately skipped this part. Nothing he does will impress me.

Lil: Agree. I think she just did average. Everybody expected that she was gonna nail this one but she just did.. hmm.. okay. Nothing extraordinary.

Adam: Agree! This could’ve turned out to be a boring performance. But unlike Anoop, he made a fantastic rendition! I wrote last week that I didn’t know how he is gonna pull this off but boy he nailed it! And to think this was a subdued Adam compared to what what we saw before. Albeit ditching his signature goth self, he made a successful leap both vocally and physically (he really did look like Elvis it’s creepy). He is I believe the most original Idol contestant, ever.

Danny: Slightly disagree. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. He is starting to unimpress me. I want him to start doing “big” songs. Remember “Kiss from a Rose”? That’s the type of songs he should be doing. “Black or White” was a great performance but you have to do deliver big…again.

Allison: Agree. I never expected that her husky, rock voice would fit any Motown song. But she did amazing. Good song choice. I was impressed by the high note she hit in the end. She really needs to keep this up to have a good chance at being Top 3.

Prediction: MICHAEL!!


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