Top 11: Results Night

What a shocker! Alexis Grace went home! I can’t believe it. I am not saying she is the best singer among the bunch but come on, she sings way better than some. Michael anyone? And speaking of him, how the hell did he last two weeks? He shouldn’t have been in the final 13 in the first place! He can sing but so can 300 million others who can sing better than him! He is just not Idol material. I’m really disappointed that Alexis won’t be on Idol tour at least. And Allison being in the bottom 3?? That was really shocking news too. Tsktsk.

On a good note, Matt is really doing a good job so far. If he keeps this up, then he might well be a good contender against the ultimate, leagues-of-their-own Adam and Danny. Kris is not doing bad either.

So next week is Motown week. My bet on the ones who will do good are Matt, Anoop and Lil. I dunno how Adam can pull this off. He’s not very versatile. He is really great vocally but one dimensional. Danny also can make a good rendition with the right song choice of course. Also, this is the time when Scott can liven up a little bit with a more up-tempo song. Others will do just fine with a safe song choice.

We’ll see next week. Can’t wait!


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