American Idol: Top 11

Theme: Country Music

Okay, let me start by saying that I am not a fan of country music. So for me the episode was a bit boring.

Anyway, I expected that Matt would make a good job since his vocals fit this kind of music. And delivered he did. I am not a fan (at least not yet) but I really think that he is the dark horse here. Allison also made a good performance. I like her husky, rock voice. It’s just pure gift. The performance of Adam was original. He turned a country song to a goth, mid-eastern inspired music. And he really did hit some good notes. I have no idea why the judges didn’t like it. Danny on the other hand disappointed me abit. It was pretty obvious that he wasn’t sure what to make out of the song and how to turn it into his own. He’s pretty much aware that it’s a touching song. However I think he really had a hard time putting his own twist to it. I mean at first he was kind of “precautious”. And then towards the end, he just threw all those high notes which seemed to be unnecessary and overboard. Others were forgetful.

My prediction: Michael Sarver

Result: we’ll find out tomorrow.


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